Case studies

  • Madrid 2018 – the Bolton Youth Harmonies Tour

    Madrid 2018 – the Bolton Youth Harmonies Tour

    What an amazing tour! Bolton Youth Harmonies spent 5 days in Madrid, performing in 3 concerts and also singing impromptu in the Prado Museum, on the subway, in the park, in the famous Crystal Palace, all to the sheer delight of the Spanish locals. The choir was even featured in the Spanish capital’s newspaper, the Madridario. The concert in Toledo was a highlight of the tour, with a full house and a standing ovation. Carolyn Baxendale, Head of Bolton Music Service says “The choir members were true ambassadors for Bolton, impressing audiences and local people with their musical skill, their expressive performances and their appreciation and respect for local culture”.

  • Music for children with SEND – the Rumworth Music Carousel (2017/18)

    A weekly music project for children with special educational needs. All children in years groups 7, 8 and 9 take part in Wednesday morning music activities, provided by Bolton Music Service. Each year group spends a term on each of the following projects: African Drumming and Singing, Ukuleles and Playing the P-Bones. There is a performance at the end of each term and the young people get very excited about showing what they have learned. Rumworth School really values the chance for their children to take part in regular music activity and believes that every children should have the same opportunity. Head teacher of Rumworth School, Gary Johnson says “ The music project has really helped our children to develop their listening, turn-taking and concentration skills. They all love playing music together and many of our students have learned to control their emotions when getting ready for a performance. This is a brilliant programme.”