Skills Development

Drum Kit

Each tutorial will work on a different aspect of learning the drum kit and will guide you through to being able to play some of your favourite songs in a band.

If you’re not fortunate enough to have a drum kit at home try some of the exercises.

You can download the toolkit to support the video tutorials here soon.

Drum Kit Skills Ladder 

Step 1 –  The Drum Kit Set Up Tutorial

Step 2The Basic Rock Beat Tutorial

Step 3Internalising and Starting/Stopping in Time Tutorial

Step 4 – Basic Notation and Variation Tutorial

Step 5 – Adding the crash and changing the leading voice

Step 6 – Drum Fills

Step 7 – 4 Bar Phrases

Step 8 – Playing in time with musicians and the click

Step 9 – Adding 16th Note Snare Drums

Step 10 – 16th Note Hi-Hats