Skills Development


Young people and music leaders involved in the Soundtracks programme have developed a number of video tutorials, which will help you to develop your guitar playing. These include an introduction to playing guitar, basic chord shapes, tuning and changing strings as well as some techniques for more experienced players to check out.

Once you have had a go with some of these tutorials, you will have the understanding to try some of the songs in the Soundtracks Song Bank complete with backing tracks and supporting documentation to help you with your learning.

Introduction to Playing Guitar

Guitar Intro 1

Guitar Intro 2

Learning to Tune Your Guitar

Changing Strings on an Acoustic Guitar

Restring Nylon Stringed Classical Guitar

Playing D major and A major

Playing A minor and E major

Guitar Single Notes (Chasing Cars)

Guitar Chord Sequence (Chasing Cars)

Guitar Riffs

Here are our series of video demonstrations for you to learn and play along to.

Soundtracks Beginner Guitar Riffs

Soundtracks Intermediate Guitar Riffs

Soundtracks Extra Challenge Collection Guitar Riffs

To help you learn the riffs, please use these guide sheets that accompany the video demonstrations above.

Soundtracks Guides – Guitar Riffs Intermediate