Creating Music Remotely

Creating your own music and working with other musicians remotely

Band Lab is a free, cloud-based, social music creation platform which enables musicians to work collaboratively online. It enables musicians to develop new musical material from Band Lab loops, work with music production techniques or import your own material and create new musical arrangements. During lockdown, we have been working online with small groups of young people and have produced a series of video tutorials and guidelines to help you get started.

These tutorials can be used in group collaborations or on your own, individual work. We have focussed on different areas in each tutorial to help you get started, but these are not intended to be used in isolation, rather as tools to support your own exploration of Band Lab.

Whether you are a young person working individually, a group of friends collaborating online or a music leader who wants to support young people develop new skills, we hope these session plans will be of use.


The ‘Audio Stems’ below were created to develop the Soundtracks Songbank. You can download these stems individually and import to Band Lab to use in one of the projects below.

Audio Stems

Getting Started and Understanding BandLab

Project Outline |

Understanding the Timeline

Project Outline | Video Tutorial

Understanding Basic Mixing

Video Tutorial |