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Here you can browse our resources, videos and links to other websites that may help you on your musical journey.

Trepak –  Bolton Youth Orchestra, BMS staff and orchestra Alumni have come together to continue making music and create this video during lockdown. This is an example of how our Music Centre Digital Programme will look. Trepak performed by BYO, Alumni and BMS Staff

Samba Brazil! – Are you ready for a holiday? Well why not come and take a musical journey with us to Brazil, the home of Samba music. Your whole family can come too!

You don’t need any instruments to play in our Kitchen Samba Band. You can play everyday items that you can find in your kitchen. Watch this video to find out how to play

Here’s a great Samba song for you all to sing called “Samba de Brazil”

We would love to see your version. Why not film yourselves & post it on social media and don’t forget to tag us in

Bolton, Like A Rainbow Shining – Thank you to all the people of Bolton for showing such support to each other during this time. To all the volunteers, frontline workers, home schoolers and good neighbours who make Bolton, Like A Rainbow Shining ….

Our tribute to Frontline Heroes – A thank you to all frontline workers performed by the BMS Brass Quintet

Our Music for You – Music from all the staff at Bolton Music Service for you to enjoy performed by us for you

The Cup Challenge from Pitch PerfectHave a go at learning this with us

Video Tutorial of C Jam Blues Basic Improvisation for Brass, Stringed and Woodwind instruments

Worksheet for C Jam Blues Basic Improvisation for Brass, Stringed and Woodwind Instruments

Strings Play Along
We are presenting a series called “Strings Play Along”, we hope you have fun with our Strings Play Along Series of videos. We hope you enjoy our #StringsPlayAlong

Welcome to #BandJam – our series of video tutorials of well-known songs for you to learn and play along with, click here to see the full catalogue of songs available

To help you learn the songs, download our accompanying #Bandjam Guide Sheets

Want to take part in our #BandJam Summer Project? We want you to send in your videos so that you can join our band. To find out how, then take a look at our guidelines and don’t forget to send in your consent form with your video #BandJam video guidelines and consent form

Play along with Out of the Ark

Learn the new song from Out of the Ark called “Living and Learning” then play along on your guitar using our guitar arrangement

Learn the new song from Out of the Ark called “The Bonkers Song” then play along on your guitar using our guitar arrangment

Learn the new song from Out of the Ark called “Wake Up” then play along on your guitar using our guitar arrangement

Useful Guides

String Instruments – Tuning and Changing a String Tutorial

How to practice without a drum kit tutorlal

How to make and play a “Paper Drum Kit” tutorial

Basic Essential Grooves – Tutorials from the BMS Percussion Team

Masterclass Series

Please visit our Masterclass page where some of our senior students and alumni will share the knowledge and experience they have gained within their discipline area. Watch our Masterclass Series here